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There's a new tool on the market that offers something many people have been desperately looking for. With 'Free Netflix Downloader' people can download videos from Netflix instantly, on Windows at least. The first of its kind tool appears to work surprisingly well, despite the lack of high definition video quality.
A few weeks ago Netflix announced that it would allow users to download a small selection of videos for offline use, on mobile devices.

While this is a great step forward, there’s also a large group of users who would like to do the same with other videos on other operating systems.

Free Netflix Downloader is application that offers exactly this. Developed by DVDVideoSoft, it is the first Windows application that allows people to download Netflix videos to their computers through an easy-to-use interface.

After logging in to Netflix, users simply enter the video URL and ‘Free Netflix Downloader’ then downloads any video in a few minutes. The tool also offers the option to convert the output files to AVI, MP3, or a version optimized for iPhone and iPad.

“This is the ONLY app in the world that can do this trick now!” DVDVideoSoft’s Alex informs TF.

The software supports multiple downloads at the same time and according to the developer, it is ideal for people who have slow Internet connections, among other things.

“[It is intended for] users with slow Internet connections, for those who like to store everything on their computer, for those who don’t have smart TVs; it’s also great for downloading a whole series season at a time,” Alex says.



While ‘Free Netflix Downloader’ works as advertised, there is also a major drawback. The video quality appears to be rather low and certainly not what people are used to when watching Netflix.

The developers don’t go into detail on this issue but say higher quality video may follow later. However, it’s likely that Netflix’s higher resolution video is better protected, which makes it much harder to rip.

Finally, it should be stressed that people who use the tool might violate Netflix’s Terms of Service, which forbids users to archive or download content without permission. This is also the main reason why Netflix and rightsholders are probably not too fond of the service.

For now, Free Netflix Downloader’s developers have removed it from the web by a third party request.

“Maybe if the program becomes very popular,” Alex says, but she also notes that Netflix just created its own downloader feature for mobile users.


For now, however, the tool is available here.


As always, those who are interested should proceed at their own risk. And I claim no rights on this software, neither uploading it.

This post is not violating any terms and conditions, and it could be removed or edited if requested by a third party.

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Thank you so much!! I've been looking for it over the past few days with no luck at all.
You made my day! Thanks again!!


Hold on mate, this is so far the best post I've ever seen on the internet. I heard some people talking about it and it looks like it's true. Thank you for sharing this amazing tool with us. Keep up the good work mate.

Luke Carter

Thank you Mohammed for sharing this post, I was able to download it and got it installed and downloaded bunch of movies.

Daniel P.

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